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Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is as important to us, as it is to you!  We have a simple policy -- not to release any information regarding your account with us to anyone.

 What this means

When email or a phone call arrives at service we don't take any action or release any account specific information without authentication first.

If some third party contacts us and expresses a desire to contact you, we do not release any information to them. At our discretion we may take their info and send you a message regarding their request.

IMPORTANT -- if a person does authenticate we assume they have complete authority over the account.


How do we authenticate ownership? If via E-mail, the message must originate at the address we have for the account. These were set by you when you established the account, you can check your contact information via your control panel, make sure it is accurate!

Any contact via our ticket system is assumed to come from the you and we will act upon it. If you feel your password or access may have been compromised, please contact us immediately!

If phone contact is made, or from some other email address -- we will request the person supply us with the control panel password for the account. If you have designated an'alternate authentication question' for your site, we will use that.

If the person does not know any of this information, we can use billing information.  We will ask the person for either the last 4 digits and first 4 digits of the credit card number used to make payments on the account, or the last check number.

If all this fails, we need a letter claiming ownership, with complete and correct address and phone information.   This should be faxed to us at 315-635-3243.


Loss of Information - Despite our precautions it is always possible for a system to be compromised and personal information lost. We DO NOT store complete credit card data on ANY of our servers; it only exists for the time interval necessary to make transmission to our processors via a secure payment gateway. The only other identifying info we maintain is name, address, and phone information, if you are concerned this could be lost do not use our services.

We do not say this to avoid responsibility, but to acknowledge that no security system is perfect and breeches can occur; however, if we feel that a breech has occured we will notify any subscriber affected.

Do NOT release authentication information to third parties. If you temporarily do have to give someone password access to your account -- when they are done -- change the password info, remove their email address from your contact information.


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