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Here you will find the available downloads for ExtSQL.  Our repository of precompiled downloads is organized by four different categories: ExtSQL Version, Operating System (OS), Architecture (Arch) and Configure Options (Conf) used to produce the binary.

We highly recommend you view our document on Version Names to better understand what is available. Briefly, versions 3.23 - 5.x represent MySQL compatible releases. Versions 7.x - 8.x are for PostgreSQL. We use identical version numbers, e.g. The server ExtSQL-4.1.22 should be compatible with the server presently a part of MySQL-4.1.22

If you are interested in PosgreSQL downloads or development, please read this first!.

Our download system is unique, it makes it easy for the community of ExtSQL users to express interest in specific development**.  It allows you to select from what we have currently available, but has TWO additional features:




Click here to search downloads!

View list of all available.

  • As you search our repository we may not have a specific combination already built. Combinations that are planned for the future are marked with (ETA).  Once you select an item from all four categories (i.e. we know the version of ExtSQL, OS, Architecture, and Configuration you are interested in) the system will show you the current ETA date. Dates more than a year away represent items we are thinking about, but aren't sure if there is interest.   You can select ETA items, giving us all the category information we need, and then you can register a VOTE.  Click here to see current ETA votes.
  • Sometimes one of our categories may not have an item you are interested in, e.g.  you may be interested in an OS or earlier version of MySQL that we don't have IDs generated for.    If you don't see even an ETA for an item, the bottom of each category page contains a link that allows you to give us a new item you are interested in. Click here to see votes for new items.   Before asking for a NEW item we encourage you to review current votes (if you use the same spelling as a prior request, it will improve the vote totals for an item).
On the 1st & 15th of every month our staff reviews all VOTE totals and updates/creates ETAs.
Our build & test process allows us to release a new binary in less than a week without being labor intensive.  It doesn't take a lot of VOTES to make something happen.

** Gee, maybe we should get this idea patented!  Just kidding!


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NOTE: MySQL® is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems. 
ExtSQL® is registered trademark of Software Workshop Inc.
ExtSQL is a separate product and should not be confused with MySQL
or PostgreSQL. It contains independently developed additional features,
released under the GPL,v.2.

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