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Quick Feedback!
This is a new project,
feedback is welcome
(and will be read!)


Current results for votes on items that currently have planning ETAs - only showing items with at least 5 vote(s). Numbers are reviewed on the 1st & 15th of each month and periodically reset by staff. How to interpret ETA dates:

  • Less than 15 days away - it's for real! Staff is working on it and it is on schedule and should be available by that date.
  • Less than 30 days away - it's pretty real, but depending on voting it could be pushed back.
  • Less than 90 days away - we're pretty serious about it, but need your feedback and votes.
  • More than 90 days - still thinking about it
NOTE: We have a very automated build process for our distributions. The most difficult part of the process is establishing a new OS & Architecture combination. Once you see versions of ExtSQL for an OS & Architecture you are interested in, it doesn't take a lot of votes to get a product built.

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